2021-22 Committee Appointments

Awards Committee
This committee shall honor Michigan radiologists who have made outstanding contributions to the field of radiology. The committee shall consist of the president and at least 2 designees. It will recommend award recipients to the Board of Trustees.
Danny Ma, MD – Chair
Kathleen Barry, MD, FACR
N. Reed Dunnick, MD, FACR
Gary Gustafson, MD, FACR
Michael Kasotakis, MD
Charles Luttenton, MD, FACR
Kevin O’Brien, MD, FACR
Katharine Scharer, MD, FACR
Gaurang Shah, MD, FACR
Kurt Tech, MD, MMM, FACR
Alkis Zingas, MD, FACR
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
The goal of this committee shall be to embrace and advance diversity and inclusion through equity, access and innovation for the benefit of our patients, our profession, and the American College of Radiology.The Vison is to achieve a radiology profession that celebrates diversity and actively promotes inclusion at all levels of training, practice and leadership.
Full Member
Shadi Azar, MD, Chair
Karen Grajewski, MD, Co-Chair
Antonio Barbat, Med. Student
Lisa Betz, MD
Prachi Agarwal, MD
Riffat Ahmed, MD
Belinda Asare, Med. Student
Lauren Corley, MD
Ellen Hoeffner, MD
Deborah Jeffries, MD
Annette Joe, MD
Ursula Knoepp, MD
Anna Lauis, MD
Jessica Leschied, MD
Evita Singh, MD
Kamran Shah, MD
Rocky Saenz, DO
Gauravi Subharwal
Lauren Corely, MD
Angela Gonda, MD
Kara Udager, MD
Kimberly Garver, MD
Michael Kasotakis, MD
Jill Knapp, MD
Giordano Mitchell, MD
Gunjan Malhotra, MD
Shehbaz Shaikh, MD
Fellowship Committee
This committee shall annually review the membership of the Chapter for the purpose of nominating members to fellowship in the American College of Radiology. This committee should be composed of fellows of the College. Nominations shall be approved by the Board of Trustees Committee.
Alkis Zingas, MD, FACR – Chair
N. Reed Dunnick, MD, FACR- Co-Chair
Manuel Brown, MD, FACR
Denise Collins, MD, FACR
Paul Chuba, MD, PhD, FACR
Joseph Junewick, MD, FACR
Ralph Lieto, MD, FACR
Charles Luttenton, MD, FACR
Duane Mezwa, MD, FACR
Kevin O’Brien, MD, FACR
Perry Pernicano, MD, FACR
Finance & Budget Committee
This Committee shall review the proposed annual budget of the MRS and make recommendations to the Treasurer and Board of Directors on matters of revenue enhancement or expense reduction. They will also recommend appropriate investments of MRS assets.
Randy Hicks, MD, MBA – Chair
Gordon Beute, MD, FACR – Co-Chair
Denise Collins, MD, FACR
N. Reed Dunnick, MD, FACR
Ralph Lieto, MD, FACR
Walter Sahijdak, MD
Rojanandham Samudrala, MD, FACR
Ashok Srinivasan, MD
Robert Taila, MD
Mark Weiss, MD
Todd Williams, MD, FACR
Legislative Affairs Committee
This committee should anticipate and review legislation proposed that affects the practice of radiology in the state.Their findings shall be reported to the Chapter for action.
Joseph Junewick, MD, FACR – Chair – W MI
Roger Gonda, Jr., MD, FACR – Co-Chair – SE MI
Mark Weiss, MD – Chair (PAC)
James Cavanagh, JD (Advisor)
Jen Coleman – Northern MI
Stephen Kilanowski, MD – SE MI
Sabala Madava, MD – SE MI
Joseph Metes, MD – SE MI
Andreea Moore, MD – W MI
Mario Orsini, MD – W MI
Michael Sandler, MD, FACR (Ex-officio)
Gaurang Shah, MD – AA
Michael Votruba, MD – GR
Harvey Yee, MD – Mid-MI
Membership Committee
This committee shall review applications, as necessary, for all classes of membership in the Chapter and shall report its recommendations to the Board of Trustees at any regular meeting.Recruitment activities shall be conducted by this committee. This committee will be composed of Secretaries of the Chapter and the sections as well as others as appointed by the President.
Mark Weiss, MD – Chair
Ralph Lieto, MS, FACR – Co-Chair
Hugh Kerr, MD
Michael Mahacek, MD
Michael Mazza, MD
Samir Parikh, MD – Jackson Group
Marilyn Roubidoux, MD, FACR
Walter Sahijdak, MD
Rojanandham Samudrala, MD, FACR
Andrew Woodrow, MD
Harvey Yee, MD
Nominating Committee
This committee shall present to the Secretary no less than 45 days prior to the annual meeting nominations for all offices established in the bylaws and the designated number of members-at-large of the Board of Trustees. The nominations will be circulated to the membership no less than twenty days prior to the annual meeting. It shall, when possible, consist of the three Past Presidents and two Active Members who are not on the Board of Trustees. Membership cannot be more than three consecutive years.
Roger Gonda, Jr., MD, FACR – 3rd PP, Chair
Term Ends 5/31/23
Michael Kasotakis, MD – 1st PP
Term ends 5/31/22
Paul Chuba, MD, PhD, FACR -2nd PP
Term ends 5/31/22
Ralph Lieto, MS, FACR
Term ends 5/31/22
Mark Weiss, MD
Term ends 5/31/22
Amit Pandya, MD – Non-Board Member
Term ends 5/31/22
Program Committee
This committee will prepare programs for Chapter meetings, socioeconomic workshops for residents, and efforts in continuing education. The President-elect or his designee will chair this committee.
Ralph Lieto, MS, FACR, Chair
Kathleen Barry, MD, FACR
Michael Kasotakis, MD
Steve Minn, MD
Andrew Moriarity, MD
Gaurang Shah, MD, FACR
Radiation Oncology
This Committee is charged with bringing to the Board of Directors any issue of special interest to members of the MRS specializing in radiation oncology.
Walter Sahijdak – Chair
Paul Chuba, MD, FACR – Co-Chair
Peter Chen, MD
Michael Mahacek, MD
Brandon Mancini
Farzan Siddiqui
Radiological Safety Committee
This committee will advise the MRS Board of Directors on matters pertaining to safety issues in medical imaging and radiation therapy procedures. In this role the committee may provide input to state regulatory agencies, act as a public liaison and develop safety educational opportunities related to safety in radiological medical sciences.
John Kalabat, MD – Chair
Bradford Betz, MD – Co-Chair
Evan Boote, MD
Charlene Bremer, MS
Mark DeLano, MD, FACR
Joseph Gemmette, MD
Sam Kottamasu, MD
Joseph Metes, MD
Edsa Negussie, MD
Amit Pandya, MD
Gauravi Subharwal, MD
John Kalabat, MD Chair
Resident Affairs Committee
This committee shall encourage resident participation in the activities of the Chapter, address their educational needs, and help prepare them to enter the practice of radiology.
Brent Griffith, MD, Chair
Eric Spickler, MD, FACR, Co-Chair
Janet Bailey, MD – U of M
John Finger, MD – Beaumont Dearborn
Edsa Negussie, MD – Ascension Garden City
Grygori Gerasymchuk, MD – St. Joesph Mercy Oakland
Rocky Saenz, DO – Botsford
Biren Shah – DMC/WSU
Andy Vartanian, MD – Beaumont Royal Oak
Andrew Woodrow, MD – Bronson/MSU
Rad Onc Programs
Steven Miller, MD – DMC/WSU
Mira Shah, MD – HFH
Theodore Lawrence, MD – U of M
Inga Grills, MD – Beaumont Royal Oak
Strategic Planning Committee
This committee shall prepare a three-year activity plan for the Chapter and annually update this plan to coordinate it with the goals and objectives of the Chapter and the College. Membership shall consist of the Chapter President, President-elect, Immediate Past President, the Resident Section President and at least two other Trustees.
Mark Weiss, MD – Chair
Randy Hicks, MD, MBA – Co-Chair
Michael Kasotakis, MD
Stephen Kilanowski, MD
Danny Ma, MD
Ralph Lieto, MS, FACR
Eric Spickler, MD, FACR
Andrew Woodrow, MD
David Smith, MD
Perry Pernicano, MD, FACR
Website Committee
This committee will review and assess the MRS website in an ongoing fashion.Perceived omissions or shortcomings will be brought to the MRS Board of Trustees’ attention for discussion.Substantive changes to the website will only be made after Executive Committee approval.The Website Committee will be responsible for assuring that approved changes are instituted. Promotion of the website and communication with members regarding the website’s contents and benefits are also important committee functions. The President of the MRS will select members.
Andrew Moriarity, MD – Chair
Vivek Kalia, MD – Co-Chair
Rajiv Bapuraj, MD
Evan Boote, MD
Danny Ma, MD
Evita Singh, MD
Farnoosh Sokhandon, MD
Todd Williams, MD, FACR
Young and Early Physicians Comittee
The goal of the Young and Early Career Physician Committee is to foster young and early career physicians with common concerns; to present young and early career physician issues to the MRS Board of Trustees and ACR; and to foster participation in the ACR. Young and early career physicians are those up to age 40 or within 8 years of completion of residency/fellowship training.
Andrew Moriarity, MD, Chair
Chris Therasse, MD – Co-Chair
Jeremy Feldman
Brent Griffith, MD
Vivek Kalia, MD
Dean Josifoski, MD
Bakul Lather
Jessica Leschied, MD
Sundeep Patel, MD
Joshua Rubin, MD
Shannon Sage (Advisor)
Shehbaz Shaikh, MD
Elias Taxakis, MD