To the Members of the Michigan Radiological Society,

We, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, stand with marginalized and underrepresented communities and individuals. Recent events have again demonstrated the inequities and disparities which exist in our country.  The COVID-19 pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on communities of color, due to multiple factors including socioeconomic status and inadequate access to healthcare, which stem from systemic racism. Data from the CDC suggests an overrepresentation of minorities among hospitalized patients – 33% of hospitalized patients were black, compared to 18% in the community, and 8% were Hispanic, compared to 14% in the community. More recently, George Floyd has joined a growing list of names of African Americans unjustly killed by police brutality.

Racism a systemic problem and a public health emergency, and we all play a small role in mitigating its effects. We have compiled a varied list of activities, events, and readings for you so that you can choose how best to get involved.

Reach out to your friends and colleagues from marginalized or underrepresented groups and let them know you care about their well-being and support them.

When you see injustice in your community or workplace, especially small microaggressions that can be easily ignored, speak up!

Stay in touch with the MRS Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee for future networking opportunities with underrepresented medical student groups this fall.

VOTE. Regardless of your political affiliation, make sure your voice is heard and the issues you care about are addressed.

Consider joining or starting a committee or group for promoting diversity, equity and inclusion at your practice or institution, if one does not already exist.

Consider following White Coats 4 Black Lives on social media, a national organization which has a chapter at the University of Michigan:, or supporting a chapter at your affiliated medical school.

Apply to be a preceptor in the ACR Pipeline Initiative for the Enrichment of Radiology (PIER) program to support a medical student from an underrepresented minority for an internship:

Learn more about your own unconscious bias – take a test at Project Implicit through Harvard University:

Educate your children about racism; consider attending the following virtual event for a discussion of how to do this:

Tune in for a discussion led by a panel of African American Millennials about our new normal living in the pandemic, racism, and ending police brutality, among other things:

Lastly, for some additional reading, consider visiting the following links:

  • ACR Official Statement on recent tragedies and racial inequities:

  • Article in Radiology Business re: police brutality:

  • Statement by the AMA leadership re: police brutality:

  • An essay by Robert Sellers, the University of Michigan Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion & Chief Diversity Officer:

  • List Item