The Michigan Radiological Society (MRS) is a proactive association of radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical physicists, residents, fellows, and medical students. Over the years, the MRS has achieved numerous successes, including working with the Michigan State Medical Society and the State Legislature to ensure that diagnostic imaging studies are carried out by medically trained specialists specifically trained in radiology. Its efforts have been recognized nationally by the American College of Radiology, receiving accolades for overall excellence, meeting and education, and radiological safety since 2004.


The Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) of the Medical Radiological Society provides over 300 members-in-training with mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and educational events to achieve success in the radiology field. Additionally, the RFS advocates for trainees’ needs and interests, working closely with the Board of Trustees and other MRS committees. It focuses on education, mentorship, advocacy, and innovation to equip the next generation of radiologists to tackle industry challenges.

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