The Michigan Radiological Society (MRS) is a proactive society of radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical phycists, residents , fellows and medical students that has seen many successes over the years.  MRS has worked cooperatively with the Michigan State Medical Society and the State Legislature to ensure that diagnostic imaging studies continue to be performed by medically trained specialists, specifically trained in radiology.  The MRS has also received national recognition by the American College of Radiology for overall excellence, excellence in meetings and education and excellence in radiolodical safety, since 2004.

MRS is working diligently to stave off the Corporatization of Medicine in Radiology.  MRS is exploring all legal and political options to keep radiology in the hands of radiologists to prevent Corporations and
Wall Street from controlling imaging.  Many radiologists in Michigan have expressed concerns regarding non-physician owned teleradiology companies and imaging centers developing a foot hold in
Michigan.  MRS is supporting Michigan radiologists in maintaining their independence.

Through our legislative arm the MRS employs a full-time lobbyist that is fighting for radiologists to stem the corporatization of medicine and keep radiology in the hands of radiologists. 

The MRS is the only voice for radiology at the State level, and one of the primary purposes of the MRS is to represent the interests of our members before the legislature when it meets at the Capitol in Lansing.    Chapter membership provides the representation necessary to effect State legislation and regulations.

The MRS offers a comprehensive Job Bank with current job postings from across the State.

Through the MRS, members have the opportunity for input into the ACR Guidelines and Technical Standards approved by the Council of the ACR.  These ACR Guidelines and Technical Standards have become very important to hospitals, the courts, third party payers, and the practice of radiology in general.

Although there   are   many   pathways   to   ACR-Fellowship, by providing opportunities for leadership and involvement, the MRS gives its members an opportunity to be recognized as an ACR Fellow.