Mark your calendars for October 22-23, 2021 and plan to attend our MRS Centennial Celebration & Education Event!

Join us on October 22 & 23, 2021 at the Dearborn Inn for a once in lifetime event to celebrate 100 years. The the first meeting of the Michigan Radiological society was called to order on October 19th, 1921 by Dr. Preston M. Hickey for the purpose of organizing a local x-ray society and was attended by most of the practitioners of radiology in the Detroit area. Today the society is 1400 members strong.

The event kicks off Friday night with an icebreaker reception in the Lincoln Room located in the Dearborn Inn. The education event on Saturday will focus on topics such as Reinventing Radiology in the Twenty-first Century and Challenges of Creating, Validating, Women in Radiology: Looking Backward and Forward, and Deploying Artificial Intelligence Tools into Radiology Practice, by local and nationally renowned speakers such as James Thrall, MD, Kay Vydareny, MD, and N. Reed Dunnick, MD, FACR

Click here to download the conference brochure.

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

“Great discoveries are made accidentally less often than the populace likes to think.”