Mission and Vision Statement

The Michigan Radiological Society Foundation is dedicated to carrying out the educational and charitable interests of the Michigan Radiological Society, as well as . By serving the more than 1,000 radiologists, radiation oncologists, and medical physicists in our state, the MRS works to: advance the science, education, and practice of radiology; improve radiologic imaging services to patients and the medical community; foster close fellowship among radiologists; address the economics of radiology; and to establish and maintain high medical and ethical standards in our practice.

Genesis of the Foundation

-Declining membership in the MRS and as a result declining funds

-Will be harder to continue the educational and young physician leadership development in the future. 

-Increasing corporatization of the radiology landscape tends to decrease membership in societies. 

-Decreasing Academic institutional membership involvement. e. Competing sources for CME and MOC development. 

-Goal is to provide a source of funding that will propagate the young physician educational mission of the MRS.

Board of Directors

-Goal is to have well respected and highly networked radiologists of the Michigan community preferably with service currently or in the past to the MRS.

-Diverse board representing: Geographic, gender, practice, and age diversity.


-Educate future physician leaders to engage in health care reform, providing high quality healthcare delivery to the population of Michigan in a sustainable financial model.