Kurt E Tech, MD

It has been some time since I have updated the President’s Message and a there are a number of items have come to the forefront. This message will brief you on a few of them.

At the upcoming April 12, 2007 MRS board meeting we will return to Flint for a joint meeting with the Saginaw Valley Section. Beside being an excellent occasion for the radiologists in Southeast Michigan and Mid Michigan to renew acquaintances, it will be a working meeting.

There is a bylaw change that will be considered. While it can be viewed as a housekeeping measure, I believe it’s adoption is the beginning of something better for the MRS. The bylaw is to clarify existing language that allows for ex officio membership on the board (with vote) for any and all MRS Section presidents if the section is active. Currently, only the Saginaw Valley Section is active. As the future unfolds and census maps of Michigan demonstrate relative increased population of areas outside of Detroit, the importance of an active MRS in all regions of the state grows.

Support for two MSMS proposals will be voted upon. Richard Chesbrough, MD (an MRS member) has submitted the two resolutions to MSMS through the Oakland County Medical Society and is seeking our support. He gave a presentation at the February MRS board meeting. Both pertain to non-physicians owning radiology facilities.

You may already be aware, but something special is about to take place at MSMS. AppaRao Mukkamala, MD will become President of MSMS later this month. Michael Sandler, MD will become President-Elect. Often we have had our disagreements with MSMS and the AMA. Having a radiologist at the top of MSMS speaks volumes about the ability of both of these fellow MRS members to bridge political divides. It allows us to stay connected with a larger medical organization that embodies all specialties. It also allows us the unique opportunity to discuss with the leadership of MSMS issues that they can not only understand by logic, but they have also lived the issues.

Dr. Mukkamala will be speaking at the April meeting on the state of Michigan’s economy. Two CME lectures will be provided by Dr. Shetty and Dr. Mehta. There will be a short PAC meeting as well. I look forward to seeing you there if you can make it. Please call Sarah Cressman at (517) 336-5727 to make your reservation.

Kurt E Tech, MD – MRS President