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February 16, 2023

Call to Order
Minutes of the January 12, 2023 , Board Meeting

Executive Committee Reports

President’s Report – M. Weiss

  • Awards Committee Nominations
  • Education meeting/Up North Conference update

President Elect – W. Sahijdak
Vice President – R. Saenz

Committee Reports

Budget & FinanceR. HIcks, G. Beute
Diversity, Equity, & InclusionK. Grajewski, E. Singh
Legislative AffairsJ. Junewick, J. Cavanagh
FellowshipA. Zingas

MRS Foundation

Financial Update M. Kasotakis; S. Kilanowski; P. Pernicano

New Business

ACR Advocacy News – MRS Highlights Scope of Practice GrantM. Weiss
Policy on MRS Councilors attending ACR annual meetingM. Weiss
Sponsor $1000 for Salim Siddiqui dinner as new MSMS PresM. Sandler

Old Business

Radiologist vs Nurse Practitioner Training Graphic L. Davis