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Call to Order

President’s Report  Danny Ma, MD
President Elect’s Report  Ralph Lieto, MS, FACR
Vice President’s Report Mark Weiss, MD

Standing Committee Reports

AwardsDanny Ma, MD
BylawsKevin, O’Brien, MD, FACR; Gaurang Shah, MD, FACR
Committee on Economics Paul Chuba, MD, PhD, FACR
Commission for Women & Diversity in Radiology Shadi Azar, MBBS; Karen Grajewski, MD
EthicsKatharine Scharer, MD, FACR
FellowshipAlkis Zingas, MD, FACR; N. Reed Dunnick, MD
Finance and BudgetRandy Hicks, MD, FACR; Gordon Beute, MD, FACR
LegislativeJoseph Junewick, MD, FACR; Roger Gonda Jr., MD, FACR
MembershipMark Weiss, MD
Nominating                                                                            Roger Gonda, Jr. MD, FACR
ProgramRalph Lieto, MS, FACR
Strategic PlanningMark Weiss, MD
Resident AffairsBrent Griffin, MD; Eric Spickler, MD, FACR
Radiation OncologyWalter Sahijdak, MD, Gordon Beute, MD, FACR
Radiological SafetyJohn Kalabat, MD, Bradford Betz, MD, FACR
WebsiteAndrew Moriarity, MD; Vivek Kalia, MD
Young and Early Career PhysiciansAndrew Moriarity, MD; Chris Therasse, MD

Ad-hoc Committee Reports

Centennial Planning CommitteeRalph Lieto, MS, FACR

Section Reports

Medical Student SectionRocky Saenz, DO; Katharine Klein, MD, FACR

New Business  

Old Business

Oasis SoftwareDanny Ma, MD; Randy Hicks, MD, MBA
Shannon’s Contract Danny Ma, MD


2020-21 Board of Trustees
2020-21 Committee Appointments
2020-21 Calendar of Events

Michigan Radiology Political Action Committee
2020-21 Contribution List