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Meeting ID: 589 462 6835
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Minutes of the January 7, 2021 Board Meeting
President’s Report                                           Danny Ma, MD
President Elect’s Report                                 Ralph Lieto, MS, FACR
Secretary’s Report                                           Walter Sahijdak, MD

Committee Reports
Budget & Finance                                                       Randy Hicks, MD, MBA; Gordon Beute, MD, FACR
Bylaws                                                                          Kevin O’Brien, MD, FACR; Gaurang Shah, MD, FACR
Centennial Planning                                                  Ralph Lieto, MS, FACR; Perry Pernicano, MD, FACR
Fellowship Alkis Zingas, MD, FACR
Foundation                                                                 Stephen Kilanowski, MD; Michael Kasotakis, MD
Legislative Affairs                                                      Joseph Junewick, MD, FACR; James Cavanagh, JD

Section Reports
Medical Student Section Rocky Saenz, DO; Katharine Klein, MD, FACR

New Business  
Ads in MRS Newsletter                                     Mark Weiss, MD
ARU Grant                                                          Karen Grajewski, MD
ACR Grant                                                           Danny Ma, MD
Equity Resolution                                              Andrew Moriarity, MD
MRS Gold Medal                                               Danny Ma, MD

Old Business


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