Please mark your calendars for October 22-23, 2021 and plan to attend our MRS Centennial Celebration!

The general planned activity for the Centennial is an in-person event to be held at the Dearborn Inn in Dearborn, on Oct. 22-23, 2021.  The format will be a Friday night informal social icebreaker beginning around 6 pm.

Saturday will be a CE session of eight (8) presentations by “Michigan-MRS-connected” radiologists of national stature scheduled from 8 AM – 3 PM. The currently planned program presentations are:

Reed Dunnick, MDRadiology in Michigan: People and Progress
Safwan Halabi, MD Artificial Intelligence in Radiology: Panacea or Snake Oil?
Safwan Halabi, MDChallenges of Creating, Validating, and Deploying Artificial Intelligence Tools into Radiology Practice
Ella Kazerooni, MDTowards Equitable Patient Care in Radiology
Debra Monticciolo, MDBreast Cancer Screening: Addressing Disparities and Screening for Average Risk
Debra Monticciolo, MDUse of Breast MRI in Women of Higher than Average Risk 
James Thrall, MD Reinventing Radiology in the Twenty-first Century
Kay Vydareny, MDWomen in Radiology: Looking Backward and Forward

We will end with a Saturday evening Gala dinner, which will include a short recognition program and ample opportunity to socialize and renew acquaintances. Registration and accommodations information will be sent out in early June; check your email or the MRS website.

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

“Great discoveries are made accidentally less often than the populace likes to think.”