Kurt E Tech, MD

We are moving into the holidays and like most organizations the MRS activities take a break for a few weeks. However, a few tasks were completed this past month.

I have submitted our legislative priorities to the MSMS at their request so that, hopefully, they can coordinate their activities when appropriate. Economically Motivated Self-Referral of Imaging and Ownership of Imaging Facilities by Non-Physicians are two top legislative priorities for the MRS in 2007. As one of our MRS members has questioned: At what point does ownership and management decisions by non-physicians cross over into the practice of medicine? Private facilities do not have the same governmental oversight as hospitals and their affiliates.

Of further concern, and one that applies to all physicians, is the virtual monopoly that two health insurance companies have in Michigan. It does not best serve patients. As our former Attorney General, Mr. Frank Kelley recently stated in a radio message regarding cable TV service – competition benefits the consumer. This axiom applies to medical insurance as well and I have submitted this concern to the Michigan State Medical Society.

The MRS is also very pleased that two candidates that we endorsed, both physicians, won in the recent election. Representative Roger Kahn, MD and Senator Tom George, MD won election and re-election to the State Senate respectively. Both fellow physicians were strongly endorsed by the MRS. Congratulations to both of them! As the Michigan Radiology PAC Chair, I will submit a separate Annual Report of all election activities after the first of the year.

The 2007 MRS Gold Medal Award Committee has been formed. The members are: Denise Collins, MD; Kathy Scharer, MD; C. Paul Williams, MD; Alkis Zingas, MD; and myself. Soon we will have our 2007 Gold Medal Award recipient. Should you wish to nominate anyone, please email me so that I may include that individual for consideration.

Finally, I wish you and your family the greatest of joy during this Holiday Season. May the New Year bring good tidings to us all!

Kurt E Tech, MD – MRS President