Gary S. Gustafson, M.D.

The “baton” has been passed on to me from Kevin O’Brien, M.D. Kevin deserves a big hand for doing a superb job as President the past year. I have accepted the responsibility of being President and look forward to a challenging year. I am a radiation oncologist in a unique position as the President of the Michigan Radiological Society. I have been a member of various organizations over the past twenty years. I believe it is important to participate at many levels medicine, especially organized medicine.

Our June Meeting was constructive. Those who participated in the AMLCC meeting in May had positive experience. Many met and were involved in dialog with members of the Senate and House. At the AMLCC meeting our Society was again recognized for excellence in the Meeting and Education category. Our goal is to be recognized as the overall best in all categories.

Our Society has done a great deal work to influence the Michigan House and Senate in an effort to educate them on the ongoing Chiropractic Bill. We are working closely with our contact in Lansing Mr. Jim G. Cavanagh. This has been done in conjunction with MSMS and other groups. Our very active Legislative Committee, members Kurt Tech, M.D., Kevin O’Brien, M.D., Dan Shumaker, M.D, and others, have made this possible. This is an extremely important issue that has been taken very seriously by our Society. I urge all of you to get involved, contact your state representative, and oppose this bill.

Our officers this year are: President-elect: Kathleen A. Barry, M.D., Vice President: Nancy E. Gregory, M.D., Secretary: Rojanandham Samudrala, M.D., Treasurer: Biren A. Shah, M.D. This is as fine a group, as you can get; these individuals are capable, approachable, and enthusiastic. Kathleen A. Barry, M.D., our President-elect, has been planning and preparing our program for the year. She has some great ideas and speakers in line. As in the past, I know the programs will be educational and entertaining. Please plan on attending these meetings. Your support is very important. You will not be disappointed. Other activities to watch for will be the Breast Conference this fall and Residency Forum in January. Make sure you check the website for details.

This year I would look forward to to see greater participation from our membership. More importantly, I wish all our specialties would come together at these functions. I believe this would lead to a stronger Society. Please stay involved and remain active with your membership.

This year should be an exciting one with the upcoming elections and changes taking place in health care, especially in imaging services. I look forward to an awesome year and I will do my best to serve our Society.


Gary S. Gustafson, M.D.
Michigan Radiological Society